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The latest feature added to Facebook Messenger allows the users to record birthday messages with a length of 15 seconds and send them to their friends. The “Birthday Video Cam” is available for iOS, at the moment, and soon, it will be released for Android.

There are millions of users who log into their Facebook accounts to be up to date with their friends’ posts, to “like” their photos and statuses, to leave comments, or to post images, videos and to share articles. This place connects people from all over the world, and even if they’ve never met in person, they feel a strong friendship between them and when they’re celebrating their birthday, tens or hundreds of wishes are posted on their timeline. The simplest way to make someone’s birth day beautiful is to write the two words: “Happy Birthday”, but Facebook has thought of a more personalized method, and the users will need to use their iPhones’ camera.

With the “Birthday Video Cam”, the users will record a 15-second video with the coolest birthday wish, in which they will appear and they’ll have plenty time to say other things besides the standard “Happy Birthday” wish. So, no more emojis, exclamation marks, abbreviations and typos!

Videos on Facebook auto-play without sound, but if they will activate the option, these videos will play with sound. However, it’s kind of inconvenient to watch a video without headphones if you’re on the subway or in a taxi.

However, we don’t guarantee that your video will be played by the person who celebrates his/her birthday, because if you’re trying to impress a popular person with almost 5000 Facebook friends, who are continuously posting messages on his/her timeline, she/he won’t be able to respond to everyone. But, at least you’ve tried and maybe you’ll get a “like” for your gesture.

In January 2016, there were over 100 million birthday greetings, with 60 percent more than last year.

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