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Smartphones are getting better and improved cameras on each and every major release.

In the upcoming MWC 2016 event, we expect to see better, improved smartphone snappers as Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 prepare to launch, alongside other smartphones.

With this in mind, developers have been busy coming up with a variety of photo management apps. Some of these apps will help free up space on your phone simply by creating backups of the photos and deleting the already backed-up ones. You will also find other apps that organize and share photos super easily whereas there are others that store your photos in cloud storages for obvious reasons. As far as Everalbum is concerned, all of these offerings must be in one place.

The application is now leading in the app store and for sure, it is becoming a scare to the big boys in the industry such as Apple, Google and Dropbox, among others. This app is actually delivering more than just backing up photos for iOS users and the good thing is that it is now available on Android.

In the eyes of the co-founder, the services offered on Google, Apple, Facebook and co are no different from the traditional boxes of photos that you still stuff in the closet. However, what Everalbum brings to the fold is an attempt to re-imagine the whole physical photo album thing.

Andrew Dudum says that the application is about organizing, aggregating as well as making sense of your snapshots. In addition, the co-founder also believes that this app will let users find the most important moments in their lives as they will be organized in an easy manner.

The differences

The uniqueness that Everalbum brings to the fold has actually made this app resonate well with the iOS industry. The app not only uploads photos right from your phone, it also aggregates photos from the common services you use today, for instance, Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos and Dropbox.

Some of the biggest names in the industry have tried the photo organization and storage aspect but they have ended up failing. Examples are Carousel that recently shuttered and Flickr that isn’t seeing the best results in the market so far.

Everalbum has a free offering as well as a premium Plus version. The free version offers access to unlimited photo storage in what it refers to “high quality” whereas the Everalbum Plus offers unlimited storage of full res photos, unlimited upload of HD videos as well as a priority customer support. Plus users will only have to pay $9.99 monthly to get the extra premium features. Users have the option of canceling their subscriptions via the iTunes Store, something that is also expected to apply with Android users.

While Everalbum has not done anything special to deserve the huge following it already attracts on iOS, the app has undoubtedly combined well the features on offer from other platforms to come with a smart app that must be paid for. The company hopes to make the app even much better by adding integration with many of the messaging and photo sharing apps available today. Future users of the Apple TV and VR, among other platforms, will also be able to take advantage of this amazing photo app.