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If you’ve been around the tech news regarding your latest phones then you’re already up to date about the Marshmallow update rolling out for phones across the world. Well, Samsung is not going to stay behind this time.

Samsung has been working on updates for their Android devices for quite a while now and it’s only a matter of time until they roll them out, we’re expected to receive the Marshmallow update for devices from the previous generations as well.

The Marshmallow Update

Samsung has already rolled out the Marshmallow update for its Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as well as the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones, but what exactly does the update have to offer?

Android updates usually have quite a few changes behind-the-scenes but in our opinion the only thing that users are going to be interested in is going to be the Doze Mode.

What is the Doze Mode?

Doze Mode is, to put it simply, a “sleep” state for phones, the phone turns off all network access and suspends it, delays scheduled tasks for the next maintenance window where all the apps are allowed to go through their tasks.

Basically speaking, your phone turns off the most battery-draining part of running itself but still functions at a minimal level, quick and ready to get itself back on full-throttle as soon as you attempt to turn the screen back on.

This will significantly increase your battery life while also requiring developers to make some minor changes in their code so that alarms don’t get interrupted, on the other hand, users will be experiencing improved battery life unlike anything they’ve experienced in the past.

Don’t worry! Your cellular network activity (calls, messages, etc) are still considered to be high priority and these requests will go through without getting blocked.

App Permissions

These are another major change for Android users, applications that need access to your phone’s sensors will now explicitly have to request access, i.e. WhatsApp will now have to request access to your Microphone before it’s allowed to record your voice.

Marshmallow for other Samsung devices

We can surely expect the Marshmallow update to come to other Samsung devices rather soon, Including the Note 4 series as well as Galaxy S5 series, some S5 users have already received their notifications and the same is expected to be true for Note 4 users, remember that in most cases, it’s market restrictions and carrier delays which cause the update to be later than it should be.

The Note 4 was the first Samsung device to receive an official Marshmallow update, US and UK users might have to wait until March or April for an update rollout.

Samsung has pretty much done all they had to do on this matter and we can expect an update to come around rather soon, keep your eyes on that notification bar and make sure you didn’t disable update notifications.