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Smartphones and tablets are commonly heard terms in today’s world.

Phablet is a term that has been added to the vocabulary listing in the recent past. Of late, most of the popular smartphone manufacturers have started offering quite a few phablets. How does this differ from a smartphone or a tablet? Read on to understand more about what a phablet is and to know what some of the currently sought after phablets today are.

Technically speaking is just a smartphone bigger than the standard size and yet not big enough to be a tablet. Thus, it goes without saying that a phablet finds its place between a smartphone and a tablet. The big size is used to refer to the screen size of the gadget. This in turn has an impact on the overall size of the device. In most cases, manufacturers refer to their handsets as phablets if they have a height of 5.5 inches or more and a diagonal screen measurement of 5.1 to 6.99 inches.

Interestingly the word phablet is coined from the phrase ‘part phone part tablet’ or from the term ‘phone tablet’. While most tablets do not use SIM cards and are not capable of supporting a phone number and phone functionalities, phablets take advantage of these setbacks and allow you to use them like you use smartphones. Now, that is a true blessing with phablets as you can do just about anything with them that you would do with smartphones.

Why Owning a Phablet Can Be a Good Choice

There are many reasons why we feel that it would be a good idea for you to consider looking at the various phablets in the market and taking your pick from one of them. Here we present you with a few of those reasons that are worth mentioning.

Very Good Performance

Owing to their large size, manufacturers usually have the flexibility of incorporating much better hardware configuration in phablets than what is present in smartphones. The result can be seen through their performance. Greater efficiency coupled with smoother and faster performance are some key highlights.

Excellent Displays

Needless to say, the big screen size can contribute greatly towards making displays crisper, sharper, and clearer. What more would avid readers, movie buffs, web surfers, and game lovers want from their gadgets? Reading favorite content online or editing documents is undoubtedly easier on bigger screens. Web surfers can take delight in getting more search results displayed at a time. Similarly games and movies appear more lively and enriching on larger screens. Of course, it must be mentioned here that the screen pixel resolution and pixel density also contribute to rendering an excellent display. This is often taken into consideration when a phablet is manufactured.


Big screens not only contribute towards enhanced viewing experiences but also taking multitasking to a new level. Often, using a phablet, you can open two windows on the same screen or use two apps at a time. Alternatively, you can also access the same app on two different windows. So, you can chat simultaneously with two friends on two chat windows using the same app. Things can’t get cooler with a phablet, can they?

One Device Instead of Two

Given the fact that the phablet is bigger than a smartphone and can be used like a phone unlike a tablet, it can save you the hassle of carrying both a smartphone and a tablet wherever you go. This makes it more economical investing in one device rather than two. While the big size may not allow you to slip the phablet easily into your pocket, you will definitely not be able to do this with your tablet either. You can take your phablet with you wherever you go, just like you would carry your tablet.


Though not applicable to all phablets, quite a few of them come with a stylus. This makes it easy to work on the large screens. A stylus always makes it easy to work on a touch screen than using your fingers. This can also reduce the fingerprint smudges on your screen.

A List of Some of the Sought After Phablets

Like smartphones, the number of phablets mushrooming is increasing at a rapid rate. However, some of them have continued to be all time favorites. These include the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (all Galaxy Note series gadgets are phablets), iPhone 6/6S Plus, LG G4, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Nokia Lumia 1520, and HTC One Max to mention just a few.