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iOS comes with some software restrictions and the users who want to remove them can gain “root” access via jailbreaking, by using software exploits. By rooting an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or the second generation Apple, the users will have access to the iOS file system and manager and will be able to download applications, theme and extensions from the Cydia store. If you’re new to jailbreaking and don’t care about losing your phone warranty, we’ll teach you how to jailbreak your iOS 9 device.

The first thing the users will do is to back up the data from their devices to their iTunes account. This can be done by going to Settings, then iCloud and after tapping Backup, select Back up Now.

Next, the users will need to find a jailbreak tool – we recommend Pangu, then download it to their computer or Mac, which has iTunes installed on it. While they’re downloading the Pangu jailbreak tool, the users will go to Settings, then select Touch ID and make sure that Passcode is disabled. This option won’t remain disabled, as it can be turned on again, after the jailbreak process is over.

After that, the users will enable the Airplane mode by going to the control center and tapping the plane icon. While this mode is on, the phone will be off network and won’t receive any calls or texts.

Then, Pangu will be open and the phone will be plugged into the computer, using a USB cable. When the device is recognized, the users will hit the Start option, then the Already backed up option. The device will reboot and will ask the owner to re-enable the airplane mode.

The users will open the Pangu application on their devices, then they’ll click allow for access to pictures. The last step is simple. After the phone reboots for the last time, the users will disable the airplane mode and re-enable their passcode. That’s it! The device will run on a jailbroken iOS and the user will have the freedom to download and install any application or game from the Cydia store.

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