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According to some previous reports, Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, is currently working on an update that will bring a new troop which will most likely balance the game.

We remind you that now the only Town Hall level which doesn’t have a Dark Elixir troop is the Town Hall 10. This is the reason why there are many rumors which say that there high chances that the new troop will be a Dark Elixir one. However, this has not been confirmed yet by the developer.

Let’s not forget that Supercell is currently busy with its “Clash Royale”, a card game that’s similar to the well known “Hearthstone” that Blizzard has released back in 2014. Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games out there, but we’re not sure yet if the upcoming “Clash Royale” will attract so many players. However, let’s not forget that the “Clash Royale” game is inspired from Clash of Clans, which means that the gamers of the popular game will at least give it a try.

Getting back to Clash of Clans, we can say that some rumors suggest that the name of the upcoming troop will be “Ice Mage” and as the name suggest, this troop will be able to freeze structures and enemies. The “Ice Mage” will most likely be a Dark Elixir Troop that will be unlocked when your Town Hall reaches level 11. This means that it will take a while until a good part of Clash of Clans players will be able to access them, since not many currently have a Town Hall level 11.

More details about this upcoming troop will most likely be revealed by Supercell in the upcoming update.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming “Ice Mage” troop? Do you think that this troop will be unlocked once your Town Hall reaches level 10 or 11?