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Supercell, the developer of Clash Of Clans, is expected to release a new update, most likely in April, and it will include a new troop, Dark Elixir Troop, which, according to some rumors, it was designed for Town Hall 10. Supercell was asked if there will be an update for Town Hall 11, but the developer has answered that they’re focusing on other aspects in CoC.

Some fans believe that the update will be released this month and the developer already announced on CoC’s official Facebook page that a huge update is about to come. One of the additions will be a Dark Elixir troop, which will change the balance of the game, although the developer hasn’t given more details about it. Soon, Supercell will reveal us if the troop will be Dark or just a regular troop, but what’s important is that it will be unlockable in Town Hall 10.

There are other rumors about a troop named Ice Mage, which will have the ability to freeze enemies and other structures, but since Supercell prefers to keep quiet, only time will tell if these rumors have some truth in them.

The thing is that currently, Supercell is more preoccupied with its upcoming game, Clash Royale, in which the players will collect and upgrade unique cards, whose characters are from the Clash of Clans universe. The players are allowed to have only eight cards at a time, and they will try to destroy their opponents’ towers. If they’ll defeat their opponents, they’ll receive more cards and trophies, they’ll unlock new arenas and send invitations to other players to participate in private duels. If you’ve played Heartstone, then you’ll like this game, but we must warn you that it comes with in-app purchases, so you’ll be tempted to spend real money on items.