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Smartphones play a huge role in helping us keep clean copies of some of the best moments we’ve had in life. These devices are equipped with top-notch cameras that capture some of the most appealing photos as well as videos.

These devices are equipped with top-notch cameras that capture some of the most appealing photos as well as videos.

While Android smartphones come with a pre-installed camera app, you don’t always get the best results from this application. To get the best, here is a list of the 5 best camera apps to download and install on your Android device.

Google Camera

Google has its own camera app and with it, you will get quite a number of manual settings. However, basic things such as ISO, white balance and filters are not present. Nonetheless, the app still comes with other quality features such as Lens Blur, Photo Sphere and Panorama modes. This app has at times been reported to have some issues on some devices, but the cases are very few to be noticed.

Open Camera

Open Camera offers great speed and is lightweight – something most Android users would prefer. The app is free in the Play Store and you will have access to everything you need, be it ISO, manual focus, exposure time for Android Lollipop users and so on.

To make the speed aspect even sweeter, you can have the app’s widget added on the home screen such that taking a picture only takes a single press.

A Better Camera

With the A Batter Camera app, you will be having a superior photo app as compared to the many offerings available on the Play Store. The camera app comes with features such as Bestshot for taking a number of photos in succession, then the least blurred and most impressive one is presented to you. Amazing huh!

You will also enjoy post-processing and recording videos with real time HDR when using A Better Camera. Even though this app has some great features on the offer, lots of the best ones must be purchased via in-app purchases.

Manual Camera

Manual Camera app provides Android users with a wide range of settings options you won’t find on other photo apps. Things like focus, shutter speed, exposure compensation, white balance and others are available, meaning that controlling every detail of your photo is not a problem when using this app.

Another great feature of Manual Camera is that you will be able to save photos in RAW format. With this format, your photos will be open to further processing whenever new possibilities arise. While this app is one of the best so far, you will have to be using Android 5.0 Lollipop and above in order to enjoy it.

Camera360 Ultimate

One of the Play Store’s most popular camera apps, Camera360 Ultimate offers quite a number of pretty features. The app makes use of a lens-filter system which can be employed before taking a picture. In this way, you will save more time as you won’t need to take a picture first before checking whether it’s fixable via addition of a funny filter. This photo app has many features to play around with, just find out how they can be useful to you.

The Camera360 Ultimate app comes with a clean interface that is easy to use, something that is quite hard to come by as far as other camera apps are concerned.