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Adobe Flash Player was initially released 20 years ago, being a freeware software that was installed on computers for viewing multimedia, streaming video and audio and executing rich Internet applications created with the Adobe Flash platform. The Flash Player is a plugin added to a web browser and it can run on supported mobile devices. Unfortunately, its popularity started decreasing because of the vulnerabilities that made it a huge risk. Google and Mozilla stopped trusting Adobe and built their own flash player which was integrated into Chrome and Firefox. Java plugin is in a similar situation and in the near future, it will be killed. So, will Adobe’s Flash Player have the same fate?
At the end of 2015, Adobe took drastic measures and announced that it will rename its Flash IDE from Flash Professional to Animate, but Animate will continue to allow Flash development. However, flash will no longer be the default programming language, as Adobe will prefer to work on an HTML video player.

Even YouTube and Netflix have ditched the Flash-based web player and opted for a native HTML5 based player, because it includes native video tags and browsers no longer need plugins to play videos.

There are some developers who are hoping that Flash will last longer on the market, so they can continue to create games and web applications. JavaScript has become more capable than Flash, as it has new functionality and many game engines prefer to export their web games to HTML5 based on JavaScript.

Soon, more developers will stop utilizing Flash, because web stakeholders are opting for other video technologies, such as WebM and H.265, and many developers are using JavaScript to create their games, while web app developers prefer to use frameworks that are based on JavaScript, Python, PHP or Ruby. This is a sign that the end of Flash Player is close and the consumers will need to get familiarized with HTML5, because this technology is more stable and secure. Unfortunately, the future is blurry for game websites such as Kongregate.