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The current Surface Pro 4, which is almost five months old, is not pleasing some of its users, because they complained about the shorter battery life, as they got 5-7 hours instead of 9 hours. Microsoft will need to do something about this, and if the rumors are true, then the next generation tablet will have a discrete GPU for gaming.

A Reddit users that goes by the name of Angry_Mut on Reddit was very frustrated because of the battery life of his Surface Pro 4 and he told his friends that he ran a test where he streamed “a 8hrs 1080p video of a fire burning, to see how long my surface would last. My sp4 managed a pathetic 3:26 before dying which seems a fair bit lower than what I should be getting.” He wasn’t the only person who seems to have this problem, as other commenters started to complain as well.

Back in October, a week after the release of the Surface Pro 4, Windows Central has reported that when the tablet was put into Sleep Mode, the battery emptied pretty fast because of a bug. In short time, “Microsoft has released a firmware update to the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book that, at long last, fixes significant power management and sleep bugs that saw Microsoft’s latest systems draining their batteries and getting extremely hot when they should have been in ultra low power mode”, reported Ars Technica.

After the fix of the Sleep Mode problem, the life of the Surface Pro 4 extended, but the users are still dissatisfied because the tablet has a large screen of 12.3-inch with a sharp resolution of 2736×1824 (267ppi) which drains the battery quickly, so Microsoft will definitely need to increase its capacity. This means that the upcoming Surface Pro 5 should be thicker, in order to make room for a larger battery, and this is a compromise that the users would accept without any problem.

The Surface Pro 4 houses the sixth-generation chips (Skylake processors) and it’s available in multiple configuration variants:

– m3-6Y30 processor clocked at 900 MHz up to 2.2 GHz, with Intel HD graphics 515;
– i5-6300U processor clocked at 2.4 up to 3.0 GHz, with Intel HD graphics 520;
– i7-6650U processor clocked at 2.2 up to 3.4 GHz, with Intel Iris 540 graphics.

The tablet supports 4 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM and it’s available in internal memory variants of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB.

The Surface Pro 5 is rumored to come with a discrete GPU for gaming, just like the higher-end version of the Surface Book, which houses an NVIDIA graphics card which is ideal for gaming. On the other hand, the owners of the higher-end version of the Surface Pro 4, which has an integrated Intel Iris 540 chip, can play light games.

The Surface Pro 5 might benefit from a more solid keyboard and a lighter Surface Pen, with an auto charging batteries.