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Last month, Skype has talked about its plans to roll out a free group video call feature for iOS and Android users in the near future. Well, it seems that the developers have already released a new Skype version that includes this new feature for both iOS and Android devices.

Last Thursday, Skype has confirmed the availability of the group video calling feature for its iOS and Android users that are located in North America and Western Europe. The users of this application from the mentioned regions are now able to make group video calls from their iOS/Android smartphones and tablets. This was also confirmed by Skype on its blog saying that a complete rollout to these markets will start off this week.

We remind you that last month, the users had the option to pre-register to test out the group video calling feature on their mobile device. After a month of preview tests, the developers have decided that this feature is ready to be available for the general public. The new feature for Skype will allow the owners of the iOS and Android mobile device to talk with maximum 25 friends at the same time, instead of only 5.

In addition, you will be able to select from two types of views such as grid view or focus view. The grid view will allow the users to see each other in a grid and it is designed for video calls with a select number of people. The focus view will show a larger picture of the person who is talking than of the other participants.

While in focus view, you will also be able to “pin” a contact, allowing you to have a large view of that contact. This can be used on the person who’s most important in that conversation.

It is good to know that the group video calls are in HD and are optimized for the device that’s being used. The application is also using the SILK Super Wide Band audio codec, which assures that the audio is crystal clear.