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The South Korean mobile phone giant Samsung has just come out with the Galaxy A9, a phone that will be available from January 2016 onwards, to provide a real smartphone experience for those with an average budget.


The Galaxy A9 hopes to provide Galaxy Note levels of experience primarily through its display, which measures a whopping 6 inches in size. Over the years, there have been several 6 inch smartphones that have failed to take off amongst buyers. This may be down to various reasons like average features or excessive prices. The Galaxy A9 certainly cannot be accused of the former. It starts out with a 1080p resolution for the 6 inch display. Admittedly, it may sound, but it still manages to put out 367 PPI.

The phone will be able to support android 6.0 in the near future even though it will ship with the 5.1 version for the time being. There is no doubt that the Galaxy A9 will be able to support the new operating system given its powerful combination of a snapdragon 652 processor along with 3 GB of RAM.


Since most of the phones in the Samsung line-up share a common camera, it is not surprising to see the familiar 13 megapixel shooter do its job on the Samsung Galaxy A9. This camera does not shrink on features since it comes equipped with aspects like the 1080p video recording, face detection, LED flash, and a small sensor size. It does lose out on elements like the 4K video recording, but Samsung has made up for it by providing an eight megapixel shooter just above the touchscreen. This has to be one of the class leading front facing cameras out there. The f/1.9 lens comes with the ability to record videos in 1080p.


Due to the extra large screen size, the 4000 mAh battery that is non removable is more of a necessity on the Galaxy A9. Even then, Samsung is tempted to provide features like the fast charging in order to make sure that users do not complain about the battery life of the device. The phone is well covered in terms of connectivity with all latest aspects like Wi-Fi direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, and Bluetooth 4.1 present alongside the traditional aspects. The phone will cost around $500, which is remarkable price for a phone with so many options.

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