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The HTC One M10 seems to be the next big launch for the mobile phone giant from Taiwan, but it appears that the phone may not be launched at the end of February as early reports suggested.

Instead, it could be coming a little while later. Even then, some specifications of this much anticipated phone have come out.


It remains to be seen of HTC will continue with the M branding of its flagship phones. The poor performance of the HTC One M9 may force the Taiwanese giant to reconsider its naming policy. The unconfirmed leaks suggest that the device will come with a 5.1 inch screen. A QHD display is something that can be least expected on the device. The recent switch to AMOLED displays has altered the look and feel of HTC’s flagship devices. This change is set to continue on the HTC One M10 as well.

Operating System

A big improvement on this device is expected to be the snapdragon 820 core. The clock speeds of this processor will be revealed at a later stage, but it is likely to be of a high configuration given that the phone has to run the latest 6.0.1 version of android without any hiccups. The HTC One M10 will be among the first devices to sport this latest operating system. It may not be a big deal for the Nexus family of smartphones that run the stock version of android. However, adding all these new features in the heavily customized android version present on the HTC smartphones requires a long time.


The camera is unlikely to see a major jump in terms of features or specifications. A 12 megapixel rear camera complete with features like 4K video recording should be enough for the job whereas the front facing camera is likely to be better than a five megapixel shooter.


This new phone is likely to come with the third generation Quick Charge feature, which will enable the phone to get up to 83% of battery in just 30 minutes of charge. This feature is likely to help HTC fit the phone with a slightly smaller battery. Joining the list of phones with 4 GB of RAM will be the new One M10, which is expected to be launched with a price of around $700. The phone will also pack 32 GB of internal storage.

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