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Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives in today’s world.

Among the various operating platforms, Android smartphones and iPhones have won the majority number of votes among the public. As we all know, the key purpose of these devices is to make human lives easier. It is thus only fair enough that these gadgets allow you to create or set reminders to help their users remember to do tasks that they may tend to forget. Since it is most likely that you will not forget to take your smartphone wherever you go, smartphone reminders are undoubtedly the best way to assure yourself not to forget anything important. The following article gives you an idea on how to have a reminder on your Android smartphone and iPhone.

Setting Up a Reminder on an Android Smartphone

There are various Reminder apps in the app store of your Android smartphone that you can download and install to help you not to forget anything. Here, we present you with a couple of such apps.

Google Now

While this is not purely a Reminder app, Google Now does help you to set both voice and non-voice based reminders. Undoubtedly, Android developed this as a competitor to the well-known Siri Apple. Android fans can in fact take pride in claiming that Google Now is much more advanced than Siri.

Once installed, tap on Google Now to open the app. To set up a voice based reminder, once again tap on the microphone symbol in the open app and just tell your smartphone what you would like to be reminded about and at what time. It is as simple as that. Google Now will remind you about your task when it is due to be done.

Taking into account that voice based reminders may not be a good choice in public; Google Now offers non-voice based reminders setup through a Reminder button. Tap on this followed by the Plus button to give details about what the device should remind you of and when it should do so. The non-voice based reminder requires more typing than a voice based reminder. Once you have entered all the details, tap on Remind Me to set the reminder.

To Do Reminder

This is yet another easy to use partly voice based app from Android. Tap and open the installed To Do Reminder app. Once again tap on the Create Task option preceded by a + symbol at the top of the screen. Click on the microphone symbol and speak out what the smartphone must tell you do. Set the other details such as date and time using the inbuilt calendar and the clock. If you want the reminder to repeat itself in a specific time interval, you can do that too. Once you have entered the details and verified the accuracy, click on Save. Now sit back and relax, as your smartphone has taken over the responsibility of reminding you to do what you may otherwise forget.

Setting Up a Reminder on an iPhone

Your iPhone comes with a preinstalled Reminders app on its home screen. Tap on the icon to launch the app. In the opening screen, tap the New List option available on top of the screen. You will get an empty screen with various lines as in a notebook. Key in your To Do task.  As you do this, you will notice a small icon appearing on the right side of your entry. After you have finished typing out the task details, click on this icon to set the time and date details. Please note that you have to set the sliding buttons to ON position to make these entries. You can also set the time interval to be reminded about the task. If you are sure, you will do it the first time the reminder gets activated, you can leave this at the default Never option. Set the priority for the task if needed. Use the Location field if you have any specific place in mind where you want to be notified of the action. After all the desired entries are made, tap on Done at the upper right portion of the screen and get your Reminder set.

Note that when you choose the Location option, you are redirected to a new screen. After you give the details, click on Details at the top to go back to the Reminder settings.

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