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It’s been a while since Android has ditched the Adobe Flash Player in favor of the HTML 5 in order to provide faster, better and more secure browsing experience. However, there is still a lot of content on the web that uses Flash Player and if you want to access it on your mobile device, you will need to install the Adobe Flash Player on your Android handset.

There are a few ways that you can use in order to bring the Adobe Flash Player experience back to your Android device. However, the easiest and most reliable way to bring Adobe Flash Player to your Android device is to use the Dolphin browser.

Dolphin is an awesome web browser and it also requires fewer steps to get the Adobe Flash Player up and running. If you are wondering if you can install the Adobe Flash Player and keep using the Chrome web browser, we have some bad news for you, because you are not allowed to do that. Chrome browser doesn’t support flash and even if you install the Flash APK on your Android device, you will not be able to enable it on Chrome.

How To Install Dolphin Browser & Adobe Flash Player On Your Android Device

Open the Google Play Store and search for Dolphin Browser. Once you find the browser, download and install it on your Android device. After the installation is complete, open the Dolphin Browser and enter the settings menu by tapping on the Dolphin “icon” that’s within the browser. Once the settings menu will open, you will see an option which says “Flash Player” and by turning it on, you will enable the Adobe Flash Player.

Once you enable Adobe Flash Player on your Dolphin Browser, open a web page that uses Flash Player. Once the page attempts to use the Flash Player, it will prompt you to download the Adobe Flash APK file.

After downloading the “Adobe Flash APK” file to your Android device, you will need to install it. To install an APK file that has been downloaded from a third party source, you will need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option that’s found in your device’s Settings->Security or Settings->Application. After enabling the “Unknown Sources” option, head to the location where you’ve saved the Adobe Flash APK file and tap on it to start installing Adobe Flash Player on your Android device.

After the Adobe Flash Player installation is complete, you will be able to use your Dolphin Browser to surf websites that use Flash Player.