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The Galaxy A series of phones from Samsung has received a lot of attention in recent months due to their value for money proposition. Samsung has just made this aspect better by adding some features one of its best sellers in this price range – Galaxy A7.

Samsung has just made this aspect better by adding some features one of its best sellers in this price range – Galaxy A7.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy A7 will now feature some important changes to the interior and exterior of the device. These changes may not be made entirely on customer feedback, but they come as a major boon to Samsung’s intention of increasing their market share in this segment. One of the critical aspects that the Samsung Galaxy A7 straightaway addresses is the battery life of the device. The existing model faced criticism due to its rather small 2600 mAh battery, which not only needed to power a powerful processor but also a large 5.5 inch screen.


The 2016 edition of the Galaxy A7 improves the battery size to 3300 mAh. This now feels much more sufficient for a phone of so many capabilities. The improved battery life is straightaway evident since the phone does not make much changes to other areas like the display size. It remains the constant 5.5 inches, which provides an amazing detail level across the operating system. The 1080p screen may now sound like a standard element in smartphones, but it offers the perfect blend of performance and power saving.


It is not a surprise to see the device come with similar specifications regarding the imaging department. The real 13 megapixel camera continues to be supported by a front facing five megapixel camera. They both are lavishly equipped with in terms of features like LED flash and 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second. The real star of the show, though, is the front camera.


Samsung has quietly proved the Bluetooth version of the Galaxy A7 2016. This provides slightly faster data transfer speeds. The new device uses the 4.1 version compared to the 4.0 found on the Galaxy A7. Slight improvements in other areas like the FM radio, which now comes with RDS and recording support, are enough to put a big smile on the faces of the user. Aspects like the fast charging, though, will be of much more use in day-to-day life. The improved battery coupled with such features help improve the battery life of the device tremendously. The Galaxy A7 2016 will cost around $430.