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A while ago, in WhatsApp was introduced a function that allowed users to find out who are the contacts with whom they talk more often and they knew also the quantity of data consumed through conversations. This hidden feature, which was called “Best Friends”, is able to psycho-analyze all connections and based on the number of interactions with each one of them, can deduce who the closest friends are.

In order to access this function, you will head to Settings from the tool bar and select Account, then Storage Usage and a score-board style page will appear, showing the list of WhatsApp conversations, ranked on the total number of sent/received messages in each one, including chats. So, when you click on a conversation, you will get additional info of your chat, such as how many text messages, photos and videos you’ve shared with your contact.

If you click on the Size button from the bottom of the chat, you will be able to rank your chats according to how much storage they occupy on your phone, so when you want to clear out and free up some of the memory, you’ll know which chat you need to delete first. After that, you’ll hit the refresh button, so you’ll know which chat is now taking up the most storage.

Unfortunately, the feature doesn’t work with blocked or deleted contacts, so if you’ve chatted more with the people who are no longer in your list, then this function won’t show you the conversations you’ve had in the past with them.

In order to backup the current chats, you can perform an automatic or a manual backup. If you’re using an iPhone, then you’ll go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup and tap Back Up Now, while on Android, you’ll head to Settings > Chat settings > Backup conversations. The media folders will be backed up using a file manager and they will be found in /sdcard/WhatsApp/Media.