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The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone was released a few days ago and it brought changes to the chat window. So, in version 2.12.278, the grouping for consecutive messages received from the same person is changed and some of the spaces between them have been removed. This means that now, there’s plenty room for more messages to be displayed on the same page. Soon, the stable version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone will be released.

The current stable version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone came with 100 new emojis and the option to take in-app camera captures photos very fast, by using the “tap and hold” option. Also, the web client is now available for Microsoft Edge, so the users can access their account from their computers running on Windows 10. Version 2.12.276 has also preview of messages, and the notifications can be received even if the application is closed. When the users open it, they can clear all notifications in the Action Center.

WhatsApp has over 1 billion active users who are chatting with their friends and families almost daily. This application has many cool features, and besides the ability to send free text messages, or containing images, videos or audio recordings, the users can call their WhatsApp friends for free.

Recently, WhatsApp’s new owners decided to drop the $0.99 annual fee that the users needed to pay after the free trial period ended. Because of this, more people will want to join WhatsApp and keep in touch with their loved ones.

However, Windows Phone is not updated as often as the Android version, which receives all the new features, so it may take months for the changes to take place on this platform. In the past weeks, the WhatsApp users who have an Android smartphone have received the following new features: stared messages, link previews, chat backup on Google Drive, a larger number of participants in group chats – 256 etc.

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