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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge rumors speculations have been rife that the two flagships will feature water resistant bodies. According to the latest reports, it seems this will materialize.

The company’s Indonesia branch has been caught teasing the bodies of the new phones on a page that includes terms such as “Experience privacy at its finest” and “Bring light to the night,” among others. The leaks include images of the Galaxy S7 in water droplets alongside the tag “Worry-less discovery.” Actually, the slides appear to be teasing quite a number of S7 features such as water resistance, low-light photography as well as device security, among others.

There is more

Other than the slides provided in the teaser, you will also get a chance to check out a video featuring the next Samsung flagship. The video has an archer training in a rainstorm yet still using her phone, something that indicates this phone’s capabilities in terms of water resistance. It is hard to say whether the phone in the video is a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, however, a closer look reveals a more rounded home button that resembles the S6 Edge.

Still, the video is a teaser of #TheNextGalaxy’s features, most notably water resistance.

Is the waterproof feature really important?

Last year, Samsung unveiled Galaxy S6 to a stunning welcome. The phone had an amazing design that features metal and glass, something that made it draw comparisons with Apple’s iPhone 6. In order to get the phone the premium look it deserves in order to compete with the iPhone, Samsung had to give up some of the essentials that have actually differentiated its products from Apple’s.

Water resistance, removable battery and microSD card slot were among the major features to be sacrificed. These are the features the South Korean tech giant believes contributed to poor sales of the current flagship. In a bid to recapture its market, the company will be bringing back some of these features. As noted from the teaser, water resistance is among them. The question here is do you need it?

Even though having this feature does not render the phone totally waterproof, you will have better chances of keeping your device whenever in rains or light spills. These are actually the accidents that many people face as far as smartphones are concerned. Given the price tag of this phone – somewhere around $790 for the 32GB – it would be a welcome feature to have. People would appreciate having a feature that will help keep their devices safe whenever some liquid spills on it or even in light rains – because it is an expensive acquisition.

Samsung Galaxy S7 will be unveiled at an Unpacked event to be held on February 21, a day before this year’s MWC show begins in Barcelona.