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LG confirmed that its upcoming LG G5 flagship will have an ‘always on’ display feature on the screen, something that is expected to dominate quite a number of high-end devices in 2016.

Samsung is also rumored to be working on an always on feature for its upcoming Galaxy S7, but unlike LG which has been public about this feature, the former has remained silent about the same.

This news was revealed through the company’s Facebook page while at the same time teasing the feature to the world with a rather short-lived animated GIF. While we expected to see a lot more details from the teaser, LG was smart enough to keep away the details of the phone’s design. Nonetheless, we could still get a fraction of what this company has been cooking.

With a bright highlight around the silhouette, it is plausible to say that the upcoming LG G5 will feature an all-metal frame, something that is not different from what previous rumors have been saying about the phone. Another thing we noticed about the G5 thanks to LG’s teaser is that the phone might come in with much rounder corners when compared to its predecessors.

An interesting addition to the G5

There is no doubt that LG G4 was a great device. However, from what we’ve heard, the upcoming LG G5 will be a monster. The phone is expected to come in with top-end specs and features, among them the latest Android Marshmallow OS, the new Snapdragon 820 chipset, a 4GB RAM, among others.

Now that the phone’s maker has confirmed that the device will also be coming with an ‘always on’ feature for its display, it is getting even more interesting. It seems LG wants to make use of this display feature to always show users the time as well as show another smaller icon that houses missed notifications from any apps installed on the device. Does this sound a little bit familiar? Well, Motorola has a similar offering which depends on motion detection to show similar information on the screen.

Should it be a battery life concern?

Smartphones do not always have the best battery lives, especially when subjected to heavy usage. While screens have been identified as one of the leading battery hogs, it remains to be known whether LG has found a balance between introduction of the ‘always on’ feature and the issue of battery draining.

There is huge belief that the LG G5 will come with an AMOLED display, which means that most pixels will be disabled. This, combined with Marshmallow’s Doze feature, is expected to play a huge role in battery saving as far as the G5 is concerned. Hopefully, the new ‘always on’ feature won’t turn out to be so bright enough to keep you awake at night.