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LG G5 is still a little over a week before it sees first light.

Despite this, the company has already gone ahead of its schedule, but this time it has unveiled the phone’s Quick Cover case.

The marquee handset is expected to be unveiled during a special event to be held on February 21, a day before the annual MWC event kicks off in Barcelona. The LG event will also be held in the same city of Barcelona, but it is said to be aimed at press and media houses.

This is a slightly baffling move by LG to release a phone’s cover case before unveiling the real phone. Nonetheless, the released Quick Cover case gives us a hint of what to expect when the successor to last year’s LG G4 is unveiled a few days from now.

For the casing, it comes with a metallic-like mesh front cover which easily flaps over the phone’s display. The cover also includes a tiny window that is meant to allow users see their incoming notifications. The casing also hints that the new LG G5 will allow users to interact with the screen even when this cover is closed, for instance, answer or reject calls.

Possible specs of the LG G5

A look at the new Quick Cover case will not leave you thrilled about anything. However, the photos offered by the South Korean tech giant show that the upcoming phone will feature a huge screen of between 5.5 and 5.7 inches. As far as the design is concerned, we have little on the table, but from the cases’ design, we can tell that the LG G5 will come with corners that are more rounded than the G4.

On the other hand, LG has posted a teaser of its upcoming device’s capabilities. The company took to its Facebook page and uploaded a GIF showcasing the ‘Always on’ capabilities of the phone’s screen.

Under the hood, LG will reportedly come with Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 820, a RAM of 4GB, onboard storage of 32GB which can be expanded using a microSD card and it will be powered by the latest Android 6.0.1 Lollipop.

While LG is planning its own party, Samsung is also working on another party of its own. As far as we are concerned, the latter will be unveiling a new Samsung Galaxy S7 alongside a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on the same day as LG G5’s announcement date. These two devices are expected to light up the upcoming MWC 2016 event in Barcelona, but their official release dates will be somewhere in March.