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Facebook Messenger wants to make sure that it is the app you use for all your communication needs, be it SMS, calling or chatting with friends.

The chat app, which has more than 800 million users from all over the world, seems to be ready to re-add the ability to send SMS right from the Messenger app. In addition to this, the Facebook-owned app will be granting users more powers as far as managing accounts are concerned.

Back to basics

SMS integration is nothing new to Facebook Messenger. The company did away with the feature some years back thanks to the fact that it was not being used that much by users. This is kind of true, especially considering the fact that the use of SMS has been on the downfall ever since instant messengers came in, with Facebook Messenger and its Facebook counterpart WhatsApp playing a huge role in its diminishing usage.

Now that Facebook is bringing back the feature, making it able for users to send SMS right from within the app, makes us thinking what the company has in mind. One thing that is for sure is that the company wants to increase its user base with this kind of move. This is because the SMS abilities allow those persons without a Facebook account to use their phone numbers to sign up and in so doing, they can communicate with others over SMS.

A change in design

In order to make the changes distinct, Facebook Messenger will be showing the different chats (SMS and Messenger chats) using different colors. For SMS, check out the purple-colored bubbles while for normal Messenger chats; check out for the blue bubbles.

As mentioned earlier, the new update also brings to the fold another very essential addition – ability to log in with multiple accounts. In case you own more than one Facebook accounts and you’d wish to have both of them on your Messenger app, it is now possible to log in with both of them.

There is a screen in the Account settings page where one can easily switch between the signed in accounts as well as add in another account by tapping on the “+” sign at the top right corner. So, if you have any professional and personal accounts, you can now have both of them signed into the app.

Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, recently started testing the ability to sign in with multiple accounts on iOS. This same test had begun on Android towards the end of last year, but it has yet to be made official. This is a good way of ensuring that users with multiple accounts easily manage their accounts from one place rather than be forced to log in and out of apps or even use different devices to access their accounts.

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