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Facebook is the leading social networking site on the planet. The service connects more than 1 billion people on a single day. In total, the platform has over 1.5 billion accounts.

The service connects more than 1 billion people on a single day. In total, the platform has over 1.5 billion accounts.

There is no doubt that you already have an account on Facebook. It is also possible that you have quite a number of friends you hardly know of. If this is the case, there is no better time to go on with a cleanup, especially now that the year is still new. Whether it’s your privacy or security settings, it is time to ensure that not everyone can peek at your full details whenever they want.

Here’re 5 essential tips you need to put to use in order to keep your Facebook account clean, secure and extremely personal.

Account security

With volumes of personal information and other digital stuff stored on your Facebook account, having a strong password is very important. However, passwords are becoming a lot tougher to manage in the present world and relying on them is not always the best option.

To better your Facebook account’s security, enable Login Approvals via the Security settings. When this is enabled, Facebook will always ask you to provide an authentication code whenever you sign in from a different device. This code is sent to your phone number.

So, unless a stranger has your phone and is sent the special confirmation number to this phone’s number, having your password will not help them log in to your account using a different device.

Privacy settings

Facebook has always reiterated that the privacy of its users is its responsibility. As a result, the company has included quite a number of handy privacy shortcuts for you. When using the browser version, there is a small padlock icon on the top right corner. The same shortcuts can be accessed via the menu option in Android and iOS devices.

You can make use of the “Who can see my stuff?” shortcut to change who views what you post or share on the platform. There is an option to tweak Timeline and Tagging settings and is accessible via the Account Settings on both PC and mobile platforms. You can choose to always approve posts people tag you in before they appear on your timeline. However, friends of the person tagging you will still you were tagged in the post.

Limit how often friends’ posts appear in your news feed

Facebook allows users to unfriend people they are no longer in touch with. However, if you feel this is being too mean to them, there are always options of adding them to an Acquaintances or Restricted list. With the former list, your friends won’t show up in your news feed as regular, however, they will still be able to access all posts you share on your timeline. As far as the latter is concerned, only posts marked as Public will be viewable to them. Cool huh!

Take note of games and other apps

Have you been receiving numerous invitations from your friends with regards to Candy Crash? Maybe you like or maybe you don’t. If you don’t, there is a way out. If you also happen to have logged onto a service using Facebook and you no longer need this service, yet it still posts on your behalf and has access to other permissions and data as well. You can use the Privacy Checkup tool on Facebook for web to review all apps that you are signed into and effectively log out. In case of Android or iOS, check for Apps via the Account settings.

Tweak News Feed preferences

Facebook allows users to play around with preferences of the News Feeds. You can chose whose posts show more or less through this setting, which is available on the upper right for browsers and Android while iPhone users can get on the lower right. There is the option of choosing the friends who will appear on top or even hide posts of others completely.

With data becoming a huge concern for many, especially those in the developing markets, Facebook has a way out. You can stop videos from auto-playing and thus save on data. The feature is available via Autoplay in App Settings of Android devices while iPhone users can get it via the Videos and Photos section of the Account settings.