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The first beta of iOS 9.3 was released in mid January to developers and the general public received it in short time. This update brought many changes, such as the Night Shift mode (making the colors warmer at night and less tiring for the eyes), Notes app can be locked using a password or a fingerprint, CarPlay has an additional functionality etc. Now, the third public beta is out and the users who want to install it on their iPhones will need to follow some important steps.

For starters, the users will sign up for the Beta Software Program by opening the Safari browser and going to, where they will tap on “Sign Up” and log in using their Apple ID. Then, they will download a configuration profile which will give permission to use the beta software. They users will scroll over to Enroll Your Devices, they will tap on it and then on the iOS tab located near the bottom of the screen. The next step is to scroll down to Download profile and they will tap on it. On the screen, the users will see details of the iOS 9 Beta Software Profile and they’ll tap on the Install button from the upper right. They will be required to enter their passcode and to agree with some terms.

In the top right of the Consent page will be found the Install button. After tapping on it, the users will confirm the installation, then they will restart their devices. When the phone is rebooted, it will inform about the availability of the iOS 9.3 beta 3 software. When the pop up window will appear, the users will tap on Details, otherwise they’ll go to Settings -> General -> Software Update, where they will be prompted to tap on the Install button.

After the installation completes, the phone will reboot and the users will need to go through a setup process and most likely, they will be required to follow some on-screen instructions. If the Diagnostics & Usage is not turned off, the iOS 9.3 beta sends diagnostic data to Apple.