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Apple hasn’t given any details about the upcoming iOS version, but if the company will stick to its annual release pattern, then we have seven months left until the arrival of iOS 10. Undoubtedly, Apple’s employees are focusing on updating iOS 9 as they’ve just released the third beta of iOS 9.3 and in parallel, they’re working on the new features of the upcoming iOS 10 which, most likely will be previewed at the WWDC 2016 event in June.

The first major redesign was brought to iOS 7 and we’re hoping that Apple will bring important visual changes to iOS 10, such as updated stock app designs, but hopefully, the company will not make the mistake of adding pointless superficicial elements that need to be turned off, such as the “parallax effect”, which have motion sickness.

The iOS 9 was compatible with most of the Apple devices, being excluded the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, which are currently running on the latest OS update. The iOS 10 is rumored to be compatible with devices that support more than 512MB of RAM.

Siri will have a bigger role, being allowed to do more for the users, such as answering calls, transcribing a message and sending it via text. Soon, iOS will run on a wider range of Apple devices (smart home devices and cars) and most likely, the users will need Siri to take over voice commands.

Some users want to see default third-party applications instead of standard iOS applications, such as Chrome and Gmail, which the former Android users are missing. Also, they want to be able to delete pre-installed applications which occupy the screen and are never used. The 3D touch technology could be extended to more applications, because the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users have complained that there are a few applications that support touch gestures. Another wanted feature is the multi-user support which can be very useful for those who use to share their devices with their friends or family members and have private and important data that must be protected from curious eyes.