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Another Google Play Store is coming up, and this isn’t anything extraordinary, but still you’d want to check out since most likely you’ll have to download the Android Application Package (APK) anyway. Also, some of its fine tuned and teardown features just might come in handy in the nearest future.

So what makes Google Play Store v6.2 exciting?

We’ve actually made an article about what’s new in this latest Play Store version, which you can freely locate and read at this link.


Sure, the latest version doesn’t bring culture shocks to a generation so used to the previous version. However, if there’s any exciting new feature worth mentioning here, it would be the new toggle settings that allows Google Play Store to suggest apps based on your Gmail messages and itineraries.


Now more than ever, Google can “stalk” your Gmail usage and make unsolicited advice as to what apps you might need or be interested. But don’t get us wrong, it’s actually a sort of foolproof app selector if you come to think about it. You don’t have to go through the mundane process of selecting apps from the Most Popular or Highly Rated list.

There’s tons of apps available now, and when you look for something interesting without having anything in mind yet, it would be handy to have these recommended apps right before you patterned after your Gmail itineraries.

So what’s not so cool about Google Play Store v6.2?

The thing here though is that you might need to give the Play Store v6.2 a little time to gather and digest your Gmail usage. You can expect it to work and send app recommendations your way the very day you downloaded and installed it. Perhaps it doesn’t make use of old emails and Hangout chats. Perhaps it’s designed to work on the new activities from the time of installation.

And since this feature is basically dependent on your Gmail activity, you can’t expect it to work if you barely use your Google mail. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, right? Again, it’s sort of foolproof. I wonder what the Play Store would recommend when all you get in your inbox are Spam mails. That would be insane!

Anyway, like I’ve said, it’s another intriguing feature that gives Google permission to literally stalk you. No kidding! But no worries because you can always turn this option off when you don’t feel like it.

How to download and install Google Play Store v6.2?

Google Play Store v6.2 is just another updated version passing by, not making any remarkable footprint. Users might actually live and be happy without it, but then again, that’s Google.

It could be that this newer version is simply a precursor or teaser to a more exciting and full featured update. Or there could really be other hidden features we know nothing about. Who knows? Here’s how to download the latest Play Store version.

Step #1: Get a Google Play Store v6.2 APK that’s safe and not tampered. The APK File is available here to download.

Step#2: Enable unknown sources in your smartphone settings. Since the APK is from outside Google, you’ll need to grant it permission to install.

Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

Step #3: Install the Play Store via a file manager. Locate the downloaded APK and activate it. Follow installation procedures.

Step#4: Revert settings back to original by disabling unknown sources.