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Earthquakes are without a doubt terrifying and once they strike, they destroy everything in their path. Luckily, there is in an app available on the Google Play Store that can help you foresee this disaster.

Are your intrigued? Let us shed some light and explain how this works exactly. A new app moniker, MyShake can pick up seismic activities. This app uses advanced sensors in one’s handset to catch any earthquake tremors. This was put together by gifted individuals from the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory. Their plan is to create an entire network that one day may offer valuable data before an imminent quake strikes.

Every piece of information that will be gathered with this app will be studied in-depth, so that in the not too distant future, earthquakes may be detected on time. Due to the sensitive accelerometers that are built-in the smartphones, the sensors will pick up such movements. If it catches seismic signals, the app will send out a warning to the US Geological Survey, which in return will warn the main responders. The app will be able to tell where the seismic movements are happening, so that the entire evacuation can be performed in a fast, yet effective manner.

The ones that are behind this ingenious app definitely deserve a pat on the back. This is a big step forward, an app that may prove to be a life-saving one. Check out how MyShake works: