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Android and iOS have something in common: they’re both limited in number of features, so there aren’t many possibilities to customize their look and feel. This is why their users prefer to root/jailbreak their devices in order to have access to a collection of exposed modules/tweaks and benefit from their advantages. Below, we’ll tell you about what it means to have a rooted Android device and what you can install on it.

The Google Play store is the place where every skilled developer can upload his application or game created with the Android SDK. Some applications require newer Android versions in order to work, so the rest of owners of older smartphones or tablets feel discriminated and spend hundreds of dollars in order to renew their devices and install whatever they have in mind. In the Q1 of 2015, there were over 1,500,000 applications available on the Play Store, which is a huge number, but not everything you want can be found there and in addition, the latest Android version doesn’t allow you to take full control of your phone, which is quite frustrating in case you want to customize it. The solution: root your device and install an Xposed Module, which will add new features and functionality to your device running on any Android version. Just imagine that you own an iPhone and you’re jailbreaking it with the purpose to install Cydia tweaks. And here is our list of Xposed Modules which are worth trying out.


This application will extend the battery life of your device by identifying power hungry applications which are also eating up a lot of memory. So, in case you’ve forgot to close some applications and they’re still running in the background, slowing down your phone and consuming its battery very fast, then by installing Greenify, these applications will be put into a state of “hibernation”.


This application has a similar functionality to Greenify, only that it focuses on wakelocks, checking applications that refuse to let the phone to enter deep sleep. Amplify has a stable blocking engine and a list of descriptions in English of the alarms, services and, of course, wakelocks. Plus, it tells you how much time you can waste or save because of these features.

Gravity Box

One of the reasons to use Xposed is Gravity Box, a tool that allows you to mod and enhance the Android UI, by customizing LED notifications, adding an application launcher to the navigation bar, or to add an option for left handed mode. Moreover, with Gravity Box, you can skip tracks in your music player by pressing the volume buttons, or you can reopen the application that you’ve previously closed by double tapping the home button.


Is a collection of features that have been created by “zst123” or ported from other Roms and it’s offering a bunch of transition/Custom IME/ Custom Toast/ Custom Notification Ticker animations, a BatteryBar and the color for Battery Percentages can be customized at a 20 percent interval.


With this permissions manager, you will decide which functions and data is an application allowed to access. This means that you will no longer worry about privacy sensitive data being leaked by dubious applications that usually access parts of the device, such as GPS location or microphone, without asking permission being considered intrusive applications. Google corrected its mistake by introducing granular app permissions. But for devices running on older Android versions, XPrivacy is like a “godsend” gift.