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5G is expected to be rolled out by 2020, and all countries are preparing to embrace this next generation mobile networks that will offer 1Gb/second, simultaneously, to many coworkers from the same office floor, hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections, a much better signal, less latency compared to LTE etc. Until the arrival of 5G, many tech companies will fight to get their hands on this service which will be 100 times faster than 4G.

AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communication will be the first American network providers that will start testing out the 5G technology and AT&T has announced on Friday that the company intends to make its own version of the service available commercially by the end of this year. If the consumer ready version of 5G will be released in 2016, it will replace DSL and satellite Internet in rural areas, and there are high chances for this to happen, because the company will be working with Intel and Ericsson by June. Together, they will run multiple tests in the lab and when the process will complete, AT&T will move onto the next level and see if the harsh weather conditions will affect the service’s latency. It’s very important for the company to pull it through, because it is known that the he waves used by 5G components and devices can be easily interrupted and unlike other services, 5G has a shorter range.

There are many companies that use the 5G technology and in its early stage, it will be available for fixed home-based broadband services, then by 2020, it will reach the upcoming smartphones and tablets.

4G is widely spread in the US, but there are many countries that will fight to become the new leader in the 5G race: South Korea, China, the UK and other European countries. The South Korean government has spent $1.5billion in 5G research the trial of this service might be released in 2017.