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Sony has developed an xMarshmallow launcher and the tool will be available as an APK download. This tool will save Android users from rooting their Lollipop devices, as they will run on Marshmallow, or at least, they’ll give the impression.

Android Marshmallow has been rolled out to a series of Xperia devices and Sony is also running a beta program for the Z2, Z3 and Z3 Compact models, but only in three European countries: Netherlands, Spain and Italy. The Xperia phones and other devices that are older than two years and they’re no longer supported by their manufacturers are stuck with Lollipop and their owners need to root them in order to install a custom ROM of Marshmallow.

Sony has developed a Marshmallow launcher and it was uploaded on the XDA Developers forum, from where 9to5Google downloaded the APK and installed it on a Moto X Pure 2015. The impression resulted from this experience was good, as 9to5Google said that the software is “light and smooth”. The bloatware will be gone, but this won’t convince the owners of a Motorola, Samsung or any other device that runs on Lollipop, to try out the Xperia environment.

The Xperia xMarshmallow launcher has received a modern UI, but it lacks the application drawer, meaning that the downloaded applications can be cleaned up by moving them to a folder that the users can create – by dragging an app icon and placing it on top of any app icon.

Likewise in iOS, to uninstall an application, the users will just press and hold its icon and tap the delete option when it pops out. Getting rid of the unused application is also easier, by heading to the Settings menu, where the users will access the Application Manager. The tool will allow also to change icon size, and to choose between the classic and modern home screen layouts.

If you want to see the Xperia xMarshmallow in action, check out this video below: