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The content publishers who were unhappy that they weren’t discoverable on this application’s Discover page haven’t been forgotten by the developers of Snapchat. According to Re/code, soon, the users will be able to subscribe to their favorite publishers/content channels.

The Discover page was launched in January 2015, being the place where publishers get noticed. In this section, publishers and Snapchat are selling ads and they’re making $20 for every thousand views, after previously, the advertisers were charged $100 per thousand views. So, it’s important for publishers to be motivated to stay on this platform and Snapchat’s developers have brought the Discover page, where users can notice them.

So, Snapchat’s plans are to allow users to subscribe to their favorite channels, and when the publishers posts content, they receive notifications. A source told Re/code that the company intends to replace publishers’ logos with a “magazine-like image that rotates each day depending on that publisher’s content”, but this information hasn’t been confirmed or infirmed by Snapchat’s spokesperson.

When the user opens the Snapchat application on his/her phone, he/she will get to the Stories page by swiping left, and there’s a scrollable Discover row at the top. By swiping left again, he/she sees the Discover page with publishers’ round logos. Currently, there are 19 publishers on the Discover page and the major ones are MTV, VOX, Comedy Central and Vice. The users can subscribe to any of these publishers and be up-to-date with their latest “snaps”.

Snapchat was released in September 2011 and it’s available for iOS and Android. The users are able to send photos, videos, drawings in the form of “Snaps”, which can be set to disappear after the recipient opens them. The range is from one to ten seconds, then they are deleted from Snapchat’s servers, but that doesn’t mean that the recipient won’t have plenty time to take a screenshot of what the photo or video contains.