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Now TV supports video streaming with a resolution of 720p depending on the playback device and it’s using an adaptive bitrate streaming to minimize disruption. However, according to BGR ,it seems that Netflix is dominating the VOD (video on demand) space in the present. Almost 5 million new users have registered to this service, which is more than 20% of how much Wall Street has predicted.

Supported Devices

Now TV is available on Windows PC and Macs via the web browser, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, some Smart TV’s from LG, Roku, Chromecast, YouView and for mobile devices that run on Android or iOS.

On the other hand, Netflix is currently available on Windows PC and Macs via the web browser, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation4, Wii U, Wii, many Smart TVs, Apple TV, WD TV media player, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, devices that run on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and many other third party boxes.


Now TV comes with three plans, each one of them offering different content. The first plan is called “The Sky Movies Month Pass”, it costs £9.99 per month and it allows you to access all of the Sky Movies channels and their content both live or on demand at any time. The “Sky Sports Day Pass” costs £6.99 for every 24 hours and it allows you to access all 7 Sky Sports Channel or you can pay £10.99 for an entire week.

“Now TV Entertainment Month Pass” costs £6.99 per month, which will allow you to access Sky1 and Sky Atlantic channels, which offers some awesome shows such as Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men and Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, Now TV is streaming “offline” content at 720p, but when you will watch a live show, it will stream at standard definition (SD).

Netflix comes also in three plans: Basic, Standard and Premium. All plans allow you to access the same content from all the supported devices. The Basic Plan costs £5.99/month while the Standard Plan costs £6.99/month and finally the Premium Plan costs £8.99/month. We’re pretty sure that you’re thinking that Netflix’s “Basic Plan” sounds like a good service to purchase, but we assure you that you will change your mind about that.

The Basic Plan doesn’t allow you to get HD videos and all the videos you see (streamed or live) will be at standard definition (SD). At the same time, the Basic Plan allows you to watch videos only on one screen at the same time, which sucks if you have two or more TVs in the house. On the other hand, the Standard Plan allows you to view HD content and to watch on two screens at the same time, but the Premium Plan allows you to watch videos at Ultra HD (4K) and on 4 screens at the same time.

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