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The latest Google Maps version is v9.20 and is available for free download via the Google Play Store.

If you haven’t yet downloaded this app, you are missing on nifty updates that the search engine company has added to the app.

The app, which has made life as far as getting to places a much easier task, has transformed over the years to become one of the most important apps on smartphones. The application has received some of the most anticipated updates.

No obvious changes

One thing you ought to know is that the new update doesn’t bring huge changes to the platform. Instead, it adds some quite worthy features and if you don’t enjoy all of them, you will probably enjoy one.

No more navigation directions during phone calls

Have you ever received a call in the middle of your journey and when you answer the call the Google Maps lady doesn’t recognize that you are on a call and just keeps on talking while you take the call? Well, the new updates bids goodbye to this defect.

In the app’s settings, you can easily disable turn-by-turn navigation directions when receiving a phone call. This feature can be accessed via Navigation settings>Play voice during phone calls and do the necessary. You should love this update!

Link photos and reviews

In addition to allowing users to add photos and reviews of different places across the globe, the latest version of Google now links these two – photos and reviews. In this way, the company believes that users will have a chance to explain their experience better. If you add a photo, it will appear just beside your review.

Other Google Maps 9.20 updates

The above mentioned updates are actually the most eye-catching. However, there are others that Google included in the mapping app. Your Google Maps timeline is not the same as it was in the older version. This feature lets you keep track of the different places you have visited on any day.

To get this latest features on your Google Maps app, you can either get an APK file from sites like APK Mirror or any other website you trust or you wait until the update is available for you to download from the Play Store. Installing the APK version will require that you change the security settings of your phone and allow installation of apps from “Unknown sources.” Make sure you change back this option when done with installing.

The newly installed v9.20 of Google Maps will grant you an early access to the above features before others get them, but be warned that you may encounter bugs and errors.