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iOS has had a handful of browsers available and with the launch of the App Store, tech aces have been putting all kinds of features out there. Nowadays, Safari includes a bundle of features that were implemented by developers and it is now very strong on its own becoming a stable and fast browser, we’re wondering how Safari compares with Chrome.

Safari vs Chrome: Voice assistant, UI and more

We’re going to analyze the UI, layout and the features in order to see which browser is the supreme champ.

We should remind you that Safari works with Siri as far as voice while Chrome relies on Google Now. As soon as you open a page in Chrome, you’re faced with a very crisp and neat page as well as a search box. Tap on the microphone icon to start using Google Now and the voice element. If you own and iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, go ahead and use the 3D Touch right on the Chrome icon, to launch the voice search.

Something else that comes pretty natural with Google is the one-hand operation when a user is handling a phablet. You will just have to swipe & hold down any page to reload without having to go to the address bar, like it is done in Safari.

Chrome and Safari both deliver a similar UI. Safari does run smoother on a larger screen. On an iPhone, with the latter you can choose the landscape mode and then squeeze out in order to have a look at all of your tabs on one screen whereas with Chrome, you must go through each tab separately.

As for the frequently used knobs (page left/right) in Safari they are added at the bottom part of your screen whilst on Chrome they are concealed.

With Safari, on an iPhone device, users will have the content blockers. Such filters are handy if you want to intercept annoying internet ads from popping-up. Such a feature is not available in Chrome.

In the end it comes down to your favorite. Of course, if you’re an Apple buff and you prefer using Safari on an iMac or iPad, we recommend you stick with it as this browser is the champ for iPads. However, if you prefer Google’s ecosystem, then Chrome should be your number one browser selection.

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