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With the frequent releases of many applications here and there, you cannot certainly miss new and exciting games for Android.

There are games that are published in tandem with user desires to relieve you from the day-to-day work stress and also to keep boredom at bay. The year is still fresh and there are more games expected. Current available games for Android are simply exciting and will keep you glued to your phone’s screen playing them.


Having been released initially for iOS and PC, Downwell is now available on Android. The game entails falling through the narrow screen while blasting foes and acquiring items as you proceed. Finalizing one stage will make you chose from an availed selection of perks that will aid you sail to the next level. The levels get harder as you proceed with a limited number of lives that each is deprived when you endure damage.

Packed with limited Gunboots (can be replenished) as well as ZX Spectrum-style graphics, Downwell has specific controls and well-designed enemies that require perpetual decision-making in terms of strategy, risk and rewards off against them.

Rayman Adventures

Initially released for PlayStation, Rayman Adventures is another side-scrolling and auto-runner game that is now available on Android. With ability to willingly alter the running direction, the game has different level types ranging from triumphing enemies to items’ collection. Raymond Adventures requires accurate timing in jumping over obstacles and avoiding enemies so as to clear a particular level.

Rayman Adventures is free-to-play with very discreet in-app purchases. The game is built on the recognized formula of Rayman Fiesta Run and Rayman Jungle Run. This game has high res with perfectly designed cartoon-like animations, backgrounds and good navigating levels that make it absolutely awesome.

Call of Champions

Call of Champions is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game comprising mechanics such as minions, item shops and lanes. The player (hero) is from one of two teams out of the three and engages in a tactical clash that lasts five minutes. The game is free-to-play and the heroes involved have varied abilities that must be employed tactfully to bring down an enemy.

Borrowing effective artistic and mechanical trends from the League of Legends, Call of Champions is rated a first class MOBA. Developed by Spacetime Games, this game relies on balance and needs an equally powerful Android device to handle it.

Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope: Magic is another sequel from the Cut the Rope classic mobile title. With appropriate order following and relevant timing, the player is required to convey a rope-held candy piece to Om Nom’s (hungry critter) mouth by cutting these supporting ropes. The game gets increasingly difficult based on the challenges and it ideally gives a player the feeling of smartness.

Dead Effect 2

Deriving its title from two other games – Dead Space and Mass Effect – Dead Effect 2 is another Android-supported game that involves killing mutants in a space station that is full of zombies as well as solve mysteries for survival. The game has customizable movement controls and moreover it is a free-to- play FPS (First-person shooter).

Color Switch

Color Switch might probably be the most popular title on Android games’ list. The player evades hitting moving destructions by tapping the screen to bounce the ball upwards. The obstructions have four different colors in which the ball passes through the same color obstruction. In theory, Color Switch sounds difficult but it is actually a simple and captivating game.

Some of the above mentioned games were availed on Android late last year but are still worth playing on your device. If using an Android device, it is better to check out and play these games which are available on Play Store and have massive fun.