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Some previous rumors suggested that Viber has dropped the project and it will not bring a universal application to Windows 10. However, it seems that this is not true, as according to some new reports, Viber is currently working on a Viber application for Windows 10 Mobile OS, which will also support Video Calls.

Unfortunately, there is no information about when this universal application will be released, but we’re pretty sure that all the Windows 10 Mobile users will be very happy to know that the developers are already working on bringing this awesome application to their mobile devices.

However, the Video Calling feature might not be the only interesting feature that will be included on the Viber application for Windows 10 Mobile, as there are reports which suggest that the developers are currently working on some new features for this application.

We remind you that if you didn’t upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile yet, you can still use the Viber application, since a Windows Phone version is available for quite a while in the Windows Store. It seems that some companies have decided to drop the development for Windows 10 Mobile OS, while many others are currently working on releasing new versions of their applications for the new platform.

There are many important applications that will need to be ported to Windows 10 Mobile OS, but we’re not sure how many developers will want to spend extra resources that are required to make this happen.

This is the reason why projects such as Islandwood and Astoria are so important for Microsoft, as these two projects will help the developers of applications for iOS and Android to bring their apps/games to Windows 10 Mobile.

Do you think that the Viber application will be released for Windows 10 Mobile before the end of Q1 2016?