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Sony Xperia Z5 is officially available for sale in the United States, but the phone has been around since January. Nevertheless, you should be able to know how to handle this smartphone just in case you intend to get one for yourself.

Nevertheless, you should be able to know how to handle this smartphone just in case you intend to get one for yourself.

Sony Xperia Z5 is a high-end phone with incredible specs; 5.2-inch LCD scratch-resistant screen, packs Snapdragon 810 chipset with a RAM of 3GB, internal memory capacity of 32GB with a memory card slot that supports up to 200GB and also boasts of an excellent 23MP rear camera as well as a 5.1MP secondary snapper. With plans to upgrade the phone’s OS to Marshmallow, Sony Xperia Z5 runs on Android Lollipop.

The phone is incredibly amazing, however there are certain issues that you might encounter while using the device. These problems don’t come with the phone but have been discovered by some initial users of the phone. Luckily, these issues can just be fixed by the user with no hitches.

Switching on problem

In trying to switch on Sony Xperia Z5, a number of users have raised concern that the phone’s display juts remains blank and that it does not open up. If such occurs, try forcing a shutdown; open the memory card and nano-SIM card slot cover and long-press the OFF button for about a minute using a sharp object till the phone vibrates thrice then release the button. Check if the issue is resolved by turning on the phone.

Alternatively, you can also press and hold the OFF button for about two minutes while ignoring any vibrations during this period and then releasing the button when the two-minute period lapses. Plug the phone onto a charger and when the charging icon displays, power it on.

Poor battery life

In case your Xperia Z5 phone does not keep the battery charge for a long time, you can apply third party apps that can help in power conservation. For instance, you can use Greenify which is a reliable power conserving app that keeps other applications in the phone in a hibernation state when not in use.

You can as well activate Xperia Z5’s Stamina and Ultra Stamina modes that limit the running of some features and functions of the device in order to save the battery charge.

Touchscreen issues

There are times when Sony Xperia Z5’s screen does not respond to touch commands. This has been partly attributed to custom screen protectors and also exposure of the phone to excess heat. It is recommended to remove the protector if you encounter such an issue with your phone and also ensure that you keep your device at places with no excess heat conditions.

Phone calls problems    

A number of Xperia Z5 users have reported reduced audio quality in phone calls. You can simply make adjustments to the phone’s sound enhancement tools to resolve this issue. Further, you need to check the network signal, SIM card and also the ear and mouth pieces of the phone if they are in proper working conditions.

USB connection problem 

When you try connecting the phone to a PC via USB connection and the Xperia Z5 is not detected, go to the phone’s Settings > Xperia Connectivity > USB Connectivity > Detect USB device. You also need to ensure that your PC’s drivers are up to date.

These are just some reported problems that are not guaranteed to come with your Sony Xperia Z5 model. Generally, you can use the Xperia Diagnostics app to identify possible problems in your device. Go to Settings > About Phone > Diagnostics > Test and then follow the provided instructions.