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If you’re one of the 12-inch MacBook owners who bought this laptop before the end of June 2015 and got an Apple-branded USB-C cable, then you will receive a new one for free, because the manufacturer will replace the defective ones. The announcement was made on Friday and the program is meant to replace the cables that stop working because of a design flaw, which prevents MacBooks from charging correctly.

The old Apple-branded USB-C cables that were shipped alongside the 12-inch MacBook laptop, in June 2015, and which don’t have a serial number printed on them, will be replaced with identical cables, but which will carry a serial number. Even the cables that have been purchased separately have been included in the program, for a replacement.

The users will need to make a request for a replacement and if they will be qualified, Apple will use their names and valid mailing address to contact them, in order to send them the new cable, by the end of this month. Another way to get a new cable is by visiting the local Apple Store or to contact a local Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Apple has given the full details of the replacement program on its official website, where the users will enter the MacBook serial number to see if they’re eligible for this program. However, the replacement of the cable, with a new serial number on it, won’t extend the standard warranty coverage of the MacBook, and if the users will be required to pay for a new cable, they will contact Apple regarding a refund. The good news is that this program, which will cover affected USB-C charge cables, will end on June 8, 2018, but, if the users can’t reach an Apple Store, they will have the possibility to buy a new cable from a third party store, and the best “replacement” is the Anker USB-C cable, which can prevent fraying.