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As the MWC 2016 event draws much closer, rumors were rife that HTC might unveil the much anticipated HTC One M10 – the successor to last year’s One M9.

However, it seems we will only get to see Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5, with the two companies having already confirmed that they will be attending the event in Barcelona. As the majority of the smartphone companies prepare to unveil their devices during the upcoming event, HTC seems to be in no urgent rush to do so.

HTC recently released the Vive – a VR headset and it has been focusing a lot on this field lately. Another field the Taiwanese company has also directed its efforts in the recent past to the wearable market.

As mentioned earlier, many would have expected HTC to unveil a new device in the upcoming event, but instead the company has chosen to push the release date of the next flagship to April.

Codename is the “Perfume”

We are aware that HTC is working on a new flagship phone that is meant to take the place of the One M9. This device is codenamed the “Perfume” and other than the trending renders and leaked images about the One M10, the phone maker has remained mum about the same.

In the latest reports, it is claimed that HTC One M10 will be unveiled on April 11 during an event to be held in London. To even make the news further interesting, HTC is believed to be working on a new name for the next flagship, which could mean the “M10” tag might be missing during the commercial launch.

It seems the company wants to use this Perfume name to restart its One series of flagships. HTC is one of the companies experiencing poor returns in the sale of flagship smartphones. Many complained that the One M9 had overheating issues while at the same time others noting that last year’s flagship was nothing different from what 2014’s version came in with. In a bid to bring in some differentiation, HTC wants to follow suit with the design changes it made on the One A9 by refreshing the coming One M10.

Previously, rumors have pointed that HTC will unveil the One M10 during the MWC 2016 event. Now that new rumors point to another day, it remains to be up to the company to break the ice. Nonetheless, it is claimed that HTC rescheduled the dates due to design issues.

One thing that is for sure is that at some point HTC One M10 will have to come out and it won’t be very long before it does. The April 11 date seems plausible since Samsung, LG, and probably Sony will already have done their part at the Barcelona tech event.

Keep following us and we will keep you updated on the latest developments regarding HTC One M10 and the upcoming MWC 2016 event.