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The Android users who will install Facebook Messenger on their devices will take advantage of the new option that will allow them to send text messages to normal mobile numbers. Another new feature that will come first on Android will give the users the possibility to switch between multiple accounts, so they will no longer sign out and log into the other account. Unfortunately, the iOS users will need to wait good months until these two features will be available for them.

Zuckerberg hasn’t confirmed any of these upcoming changes, but Android Police has published a report containing precious information sent by a tipster who noticed the new SMS setting pane. According to the tipster, the white bar which has blue icons and a blue indicator line on the current Messenger app, will have inverted colors, which means that the action bar will be colored in deep blue and the icons and selector will be white. Also, the status bar will become blue, as well.

Also, when users will want to text their friends, they will use the Messenger application as a SMS client. So, when they will use regular SMS, they will see a text input box showing “Write an SMS message”, and SMS messages will have a purple background, to be easily differentiated. Another thing that will change will be the blue Messenger bubble which is placed next to users’ photos. Instead, the users will see a purple bubble and inside it will be a white envelop.

The second potential new feature is multiple account support. This feature will be very useful for users with two Facebook accounts and who want to check notifications at the same time. The developers could come up with an Accounts page in settings and in there, they would add two or three accounts so they can easily switch between them. This feature was already added to Instagram and it’s very important to bring it to Messenger, as it has a larger number of users.

The users who will share their phones with their friends will not need to worry about the privacy of your conversations, as Facebook already added password protection and both accounts will be protected.