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Having Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset with a RAM of 3GB, Nexus 6P smartphone is arguably the fastest Nexus device ever from the Alphabet Corporation.

Nexus 6P users, however, undergo slowed down experiences with the phone at times despite boasting of a powerful processing unit. Despite displaying sluggishness at times in its functionalities, the speed performance of this Huawei-manufactured smartphone can be improved. There are a number of things on the Nexus 6P that can be adjusted or tweaked to achieve quick or rather faster performance.

Quick Settings customization

By customizing the “Quick Settings” of the Nexus 6P, you will be more of improving your quick access to the phone’s functionalities which in essence, is getting stuff done quicker. On the homescreen, swipe down the Quick settings menu and long press on the “Settings” icon to add the System UI Tuner. Go to the phone’s Settings > System UI Tuner > Quick Settings where you will rearrange the tiles by long-pressing on them and moving them as you desire.

Speeding up animations using Developer mode

Android’s Developer mode enables users to make adjustments to some functions of the platform-based devices. With this mode, users can decrease the duration used by animations so as to improve the speed of your device. On your phone’s settings, go to “About Phone” and then tap on “Build Number” severally till “Developer Options” appears at the bottom of “Settings” page. Tap on this option and adjust the transition and window animation scales as well as the animator duration scale, each to 0.5X.

Use power button to launch camera

In instances where you need to capture images or video clips in a hurry using the Nexus 6P snapper, you can achieve this by simply double-tapping the power button. This opens the cam app. On your device’s settings, go to “Apps” then select “Camera”. Tap on “Open By Default” > “Clear Defaults”. Hit the power button twice after you have completed the aforementioned procedure so as to set the default camera app.

Factory reset the Nexus 6P

According to tech pundits and also general observations made, resetting devices to factory settings helps improve performance of devices that appear to be encountering problems such as slowed-down speeds and system hanging. This, however, wipes saved or installed data on the phone. Fortunately, with a synced Google account you can restore backed-up data, hence, it is advisable to sync your phone as well as back up your data regularly. Simply head to the Nexus 6P’s settings and then tap on “Backup and Reset” > “Factory Data Reset”.

Charge the phone using its own charger

Despite having a fast charging 3450mAh-capacity battery, it is recommended that you use Nexus 6P’s own charger. The recent “Quick Charge” tech used in many chargers doesn’t work well with this Nexus phone. Using the phone’s own charger relays faster charging of the smartphone.

Fingerprint unlocking

With the security fingerprint sensor embedded on the Nexus 6P, users save a lot of time in using this feature in unlocking the smartphone. Further, you can also use the fingerprint scanner in authorizing Google Play purchases, thereby skipping lots of password-input stages. On the device settings, go to “Nexus Imprint” to activate and set the fingerprint sensor.

Some of the aforementioned adjustments basically help you boost a quicker experience in using the Nexus 6P.