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Microsoft has received many complaints from the Windows 10 users who didn’t get a change log with the list of additions and changes brought by every new Windows 10 update. Finally, the company has listened to people’s wishes and created a website where the users can find details for all previous updates and when a new update will be rolled out, the page will be refreshed.

Microsoft has released Windows 10 in July 2015 and since then, the software has received many patches with bug fixes and other changes, but the users had no idea what they actually contained and started complaining. Finally, Microsoft has understood that it’s very important to inform the users about the changes that come with each new update and decided to create a website where everyone can find the Windows 10 Update History. So, the users will see a list of changes that have been included in the past patches and will know Microsoft’s intentions to improve the operating system. The company provides links for additional details, in case the users want to learn more about what was changed and when a new update comes for Windows 10, the page will be refreshed immediately.

Not all users are curious about what changes have been applied to their Windows 10 computers and laptops, but power users and IT administrators really need to know how the new Windows 10 updates will affect the performance of their devices.

Microsoft has explained that the updates are released to two branches of Windows 10 – from the initial launch of the software in July 2015 and the other one is from the November 2015 update, which came with a few features. While some users have ditched the July branch and moved to the November branch, others will remain on the July branch, and some of the Enterprise users will stay for maximum 10 years.

Microsoft is trying to force the Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10, which is displayed as a “Recommended Update”.