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Apple iOS 9.3 third beta has been seeded to developers who want to test the upcoming operating system.

This beta version comes in just two weeks after the second beta was also seeded, but official tests of the OS begun on January 11.

Many have been looking forward to the release of this new version, more than two months since the iPhone maker unveiled iOS 9.2 to the public. The anticipations in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus camps have been high given that the OS is touted to come with new features and capabilities –things that most owners of these gadgets expected with iOS 10, if at all there will be one.

iOS 9.3 third beta update is currently available as an OTA update. Developers can also access this OS via the Apple Developer Center’s iOS section.

New features introduced

As a major update to the iOS 9 OS, the yet to be public iOS 9.3 will bring quite a number of fascinating additions to the second most-used mobile operating system in the world.

One most touted feature is the Night Shift mode. This is a feature that is aimed at cutting down on the amount of blue light that is emitted by iOS devices during the evening. According to a recent research, it is believed that the amount of light that users are currently being exposed to has a negative effect on their ability to sleep. The new feature will now mean that the display changes to a yellower color spectrum that is actually warmer and easy on the eyes. In this way, you will not have trouble falling asleep even after using your iPhone just before going to bed.

Apple has also added a few other features such as multi-user login aimed at improving the iPad for Education program. Several features and apps are similarly getting revamped, for instance, Apple News will now come with more personalized recommendations, landscape view for iPhone users, faster updates as well as additional support for in-line videos. On the other hand, the Health app has been updated with a new Activity view that takes after the Apple Watch whereas the Notes app now lets users protect individual entries using a password.

Those with more than one Apple Watch can now connect all of them to their iPhones as long as they update to iOS 9.3 on the smartphone and WatchOS 2.2 on the wristwatch.

There is even better news for users of Apple Music via their CarPlay infotainment system. There are New and For You sections aimed at improving music discovery whereas the Nearby Feature in the system’s Maps gives more details about what is nearby.

If you own the latest iPhone 6S, there are new 3D Touch actions for Settings, Weather, Compass, Health, iTunes and App Store.

Other new additions to iOS 9.3 third beta

In addition to the above mentioned updates that iOS 9.3 brings to the fold, the third iteration of this version also brings Wi-Fi calling to all users of Verizon mobile carrier. Whenever cellular connections are poor, this update will allow Verizon users to make calls via a wireless connection.

For T-Mobile users who were experiencing issues when trying to load apps over a cellular connection, this problem has been taken care of in the new beta update.