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Version 6.2 of the Play Station is out and about. The update includes one big change a few minor tweaks here and there. The big change will be noticed as soon as you set-up the APK and then head on to Settings. Here, you will observe a tab called “use itineraries from Gmail”. In short, the Play Store will tap into one’s Gmail messages and it will offer your all kinds of nifty app recommendations. This will come in handy for someone who books vehicles or restaurants on a regular basis. If you’re not interested in such recommendations, simply switch them off.

The Minor Tweaks

For those of you who are familiar with “My wishlist”, this has now been changed to just “Wishlist” plus it has changed places with” Redeem’.

“Family Sharing” has also suffered a small adjustment and now you can share your purchased item with a family member. This new update will also include a Family Library Settings screen and you will have the chance to switch it off/on. These might not be major tweaks, but it’s a change.

The fact that the APK is signed by Google makes it secure to be set-up and it means that it was not altered in any way. Google will release the update to your smartphone, however given the fact that it might take a while, go ahead and install it on your own to enjoy the new app recommendations based on your Gmail itinerary.