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Yesterday was released a new WhatsApp stable version for Android and it came with a bunch of new emoji from the latest Unicode updates. Until now, these emojis have been available only to the iOS and Web users, and Android Police has spotted them in the most recent stable version of WhatsApp, which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

WhatsApp’s developers have released a new stable version for Android, just in time for Valentine’s Day, making happy many users who will use the newly added emojis to express their emotions and feelings. This set of emoji characters was already available to Android, being released two months ago, but not all users wanted to install any of the beta versions because, usually, they come with annoying glitches, so they waited until the developers have released a new stable version, which, in this case is 2.12.441 and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

So, the users who will install version 2.12.441 will see a reorganized emoji panel and new drawings such as an upside down face, a robot face, a nerd face, a popcorn box, a champagne bottle and the famous and controversial middle finger emoji. There is also a turkey emoji and the religious users can insert emojis representing various religious places. But the best emoji that can be used on Valentine’s Day is the heart exclamation mark which can be found in the symbols tab.

The WhatsApp 2.12.441 should roll out in phases, to all users. The change log hasn’t been updated, so we don’t know if there are other changes, besides the new emojis. The latest beta version is 2.12.444, it weighs 26.56 MB and comes with bugs fixes, performance improvements, the most recent change – the increased number of participants to a group chat (256) and most important, the users no longer need to pay the annual subscription fee of 0.99$.