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The LG V10 was released in October 2015, being the first smartphone with a secondary screen at the top of the main screen, which measures 2.1-inch and supports 160 x 1040 pixels. The phone looks pretty sturdy and has a silicone back with a textured pattern divided into squares. It’s powered by the same processor as its sibling, the LG G4, but it supports 4GB of RAM and the main screen is larger (5.7-inch), which will make the battery drain faster. Each smartphone as its own secrets and offers specific features, so if you want to improve your experience with the V10, check out our list of tips and tricks.

Customizing The Second Screen

The Galaxy S6 Edge has a dual-edged flexible display and you can customize the sides the way you want – add shortcuts for the most used applications etc. In order to customize the secondary screen of the LG V10, you will need to go to Settings > Second Screen, where you will choose what you want to appear: favorite applications, music, calendar controls, contacts or a custom message. When the display is off, the second screen will continue to be on, but you’ll be limited to accessing the camera, WiFi and turn on the LED flashlight. Another screen option is Hide Sensitive Content, which will prevent notifications from being displayed.

Using Two Applications At The Same Time

The LG V10 has a Dual Window mode which allows users to split the screen in half and run two applications, simultaneously. Not all applications from the Play Store are supported, but at least YouTube and Chrome work perfectly. To enable the Dual Window mode, you will need to tap the multitasking button and when you’ll see the line on the screen, drag it so that the screen will be divided between the two applications.

Taking Screenshots And Drawing On Them

In order to take a screenshot, you will press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time or there’s another method which involves bringing down the Quick Settings toggle and tapping Capture+. In addition, you will be allowed to take notes on top of the screenshot.

Taking Selfies From The Distance

It’s hard to take a selfie using the rear camera, because you’ll need to hit the button, and it’s very hard and annoying. Instead, you will use gesture control, by holding your hand up open and when the brackets will appear around it, you will make a first and you’ll take a photo. Making a fist two times means that you’ll take four burst shots. But it’s simpler to use voice controls, by saying words like “smile”, cheese”, “LG” etc.

Creating A Custom Knock Code

The LG V10 can be awakened by double tapping it. But to create a custom lock code (between three and eight taps), you will go to Settings > Lock Screen > Select Screen Lock > Knock Code.