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Today, smartphones are available in various sizes and prices with different specifications to meet the requirements of all income groups.

They have made life very easy with their ability to satisfy almost all your needs. While the advent of smartphones is definitely a blessing and has made life simple, it has also become an addiction to quite a few people. In fact, there are some people who begin the day by checking on their smartphones even before they get out of bed! This has resulted in causing more harm than good with such people even forgetting the art of socializing.

Are you someone who feels lost if your smartphone is not near you when you reach out for it? Do you use your smartphone during meal times? Is it typical of you to check your handset in the middle of the night for new notifications? If your answer to these questions is YES, then you are probably smartphone addicted. Here we present some interesting pointers in this regard for such people to overcome their smartphone addiction.

Say No to Notifications

Notifications are actually a good feature that helps keep you intimated of any new activity on your smartphone for the apps you have activated them. However, this can keep tempting you to peep into your smartphone very often to check out for any missing notification. Consider turning off your notifications for a specific period of the day to break away from this habit. A good time to do this is for the period you go to bed at night. Set them off when you decide to call it a day and activate them only the next day. Even if you reactivate them slightly later than usual on a certain day, you are not going to lose out on anything.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Analyze all the apps you have installed on your smartphone. More often than not, there are various apps sitting idle without being accessed at all. It is most likely that you would have downloaded them thinking that you will definitely find use for them at some point or the other. Another great advantage when you remove unused apps, you get free space on your handset. This, in turn, prevents your device from slowing down.

Activate Airplane Mode

With this mode on, you will be saved the hassle of clearing through the huge volume of notifications that are likely to appear with your normal mode. Messages and calls will also not come through. However, you will be able to use your camera and access the local files. In other words, the airplane mode gives you uninterrupted time to catch up on your favorite activity or to do something truly productive.

Keep Reminding Yourself

Of course, it goes without saying that to follow this tip, you need a lot of will power. Make a firm decision on how many times you will use your smartphone in a day. This also includes the time spent each time checking the various apps each time. Remind yourself about this and do not deviate from the decided upon time. Although there is no one to keep a tab on you, it will pay off to be true to yourself. One more thing that is worth implementing is taking a call on the places you will refrain using your handset. For example, remind yourself that you will not use it in the rest room or at the dining table or in the company of other people. A good idea is to start with a small time limit initially and gradually increase this as you work on it.

Lock it Up at Work

Almost all of us have an individual drawer at our workplace to lock up our personal belongings. When you step in to work, ensure that you mute your device and lock it up. Make it a habit to check for notifications only during your tea/coffee and lunch breaks. In mute mode, you can still keep yourself posted about the happenings when your smartphone was away from you.

Use Actual Watches and Alarm Clocks

Many people opt to use their handsets to see the time or set their daily alarm. All is well if it stops with this. However, in reality what happens is that once this is done, you proceed to check on other activities and lose awareness of your surroundings. For instance, you may end up spending a lot of time on your handset when you set and stop your alarm.

Annoying Password

Set an incredibly long and complicated password for each app that you use and also to lock your device. The fact that you will be required to type the password every time you want to check on your favorite app may help you take some time off from the smartphone. The added bonanza is that you can be assured of total privacy and security from others who are eagerly waiting to sneak into your handset.

The above are just very few suggestions for you to get started overcoming your addiction to your smartphones. If you think they will not help you, do not despair. There is always help at hand. Look up online and you will find a bunch of other useful tips. Some tips or the other will definitely help you out and you are sure to find yourself a happier person without the addiction. We wish you good luck!

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