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It seems that Google has changed its mind regarding its earlier decision to ban ad blockers apps from the Google Play Store. This decision has made well known applications such as “Adblock Fast” to be removed from the store while others, such as “Crystal’s ad block” to stop receiving updates. After an appeal from Rocketship, the developer of Adblock Fast, Google has re-approved and re-added that application to the Google Play Store.

According to TechCrunch, Google has planned to only support mobile browsers that could block ads, including those with built-in ad-blocking features such as “Adblock Plus” browser or other ad blocking via extension such as Firefox, Dolphin or Javelin browsers.

However, Google had decided that standalone ad blocking applications that are distributed via APKs such as “Adblock Fast” or “Crystal” would not be permitted anymore on its Google Play Store.

“Adblock Fast” was pulled from the official Android store, but Crystal was just slowed down, as Google has not allowed the application to be updated, due to the Android Developer Distribution Agreement violation.

In section 4.4, Google informs third-party developers that they are not allowed to interfere with “the devices, servers, networks or other properties or servers of any third-party including, but not limited, to Android users, Google or any mobile network operator”. Rocketship has confirmed that after Google has accepted its appeal and its Adblock Fast has been allowed to get updates once again.

At the same time, we remind you that other ad blockers apps remained more or less untouched by the new policy. For example, AdBlock Plus has released a version of its ad blocker for the Samsung Browser and said that they have not been contacted by Google and the application is still working without any issues.

In addition, Crystal remains online as Dean Murphy, the developer of this app, has confirmed that, after a few appeals, Google has accepted the new update.