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Google Drive is now offering 2GB free storage, which will surely be enough to backup all your important data. However, in order to get the 2GB of free storage, you will need to go through the Google Security Checkup. This will “steal” a few minutes from your time, but it’s good enough for the extra space.

Currently, Google Drive is offering 15GB of free storage (or 30 GB for work/school accounts), so, actually, the additional 2GB of free storage space is not too much. However, the process through which you will need to go in order to receive the extra 2GB of free storage will bring to your attention the online security settings, which is always good.

It is also good to know that Google is also improving Gmail by flagging emails from senders, that you receive in your inbox, but are not authenticated by TSL encryption (transport layer security). TSL encryption is making sure that the emails you receive remain secure while they’re in “transit”. This way, the emails remain private without getting exposed to third parties while en route.

And since not all email providers come with TLS encryption, Gmail will now display a broken lock icon on these non-encrypted emails along with a question mark in place of the custom logo (or face logo) that’s displayed next to the sender’s email address. This change brings more security to Gmail, which is already known as one of the most secure email services out there.

If you’re wondering why Google is doing this, then you should know that they’ve made a similar storage bump last year for the Safer Internet Day. This offer is available until tomorrow (February 11, 2016), so if you want the 2GB of free storage go ahead and get it.

The Safer Internet Day is organized by Insafe in February and it promotes safer and more responsible use of mobile phones and online technology. This year, the Safer Internet Day celebration took place on February 9, 2016.

Here is a video about this year’s Safer Internet Day: