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There were days when you could literally bang your cell phone on the floor and yet nothing would happen to it.

However, most smartphones these days are not as rugged and they tend to get damaged easily at the slightest fall. While you play your fair share in ensuring that you do not drop your handset, you must always be prepared for that accidental slip of the handset from your hand or pocket. So, what can you do to protect your device? This is where cases or covers come in handy. With a plethora of these accessories available in the market, you can take your pick from the most stylish cover to a simple and elegant cover based on your preference or requirement. You can check out a variety of cases at your near mobile phone store or even online stores. Here are some popular suggestions in this regard.

Waterproof Case

The waterproof case is quite useful if you use your smartphone a lot in your bathroom! Studies have shown that one of the most common falls happen here when you attend a call or text messages using your cell phone with wet hands. This results in your smartphone slipping from your hands. A waterproof cover will protect the handset from damage caused due to contact with water. There are some reasonably lightweight cases or covers for you to make your choice from.

Overall Protective Cover

A protectivecover is actually a really good option to ensure the overall protection of the smartphone. However, this may not be a good choice for those who want their device to sport a stylish sleek look. This is because this kind of cover tends to make your handset appear really bulky. However, such a case tends to be really rugged and covers your smartphone almost completely. This can in turn make the button presses a little hard and lessen the touchscreen sensitivity. Also slipping the handset into and taking it out of your pocket may be not as easy as before.

Tough Case

A tough case is a good alternative for those who do not want to encounter the above mentioned possible hassles with a protective cover. With this case, you will not have to compromise on style. Although not as bulky, this case is usually shock absorbent and serves as an external frame for your smartphone. The standard case comes with a hard polycarbonate external layer and an inner softer silicone layer. Tough cases usually save your handset from damage due to that accidental fall or slip.

Flip or Folio Case

The folio case is gives you a two-fold advantage by combining style with pocket friendliness. The case also safeguards your smartphone from problems like scratches when you keep it in a bag with other belongings. There are variations of this case available in the market. Some cases come with a magnetic closure to add on to the style quotient, while others come with an elastic, stud or tab fastening mechanism. This type of case is known for automatically activating the sleep/wake mechanism of your handset.

To sum up, there are essentially seven factors to consider before you buy a case for your smartphone. They are durability, functionality, design, fit, quality, material and price. Take time to carefully analyze each factor and understand your priority to make a right and informed decision before your purchase. For example if durability is your mantra, then a tough case might work best for you. On the other hand, if you are someone who works in harsh environments or any environment that can easily affect your handset, consider narrowing down your choice on a protective cover.

Alternatively if fashion is what describes you, give due importance to the design attribute. Most phone case manufacturers have a gamut of designs for you to select a case that best describes your attitude. If you are giving the price attribute a thought, bear in mind that it does not always mean that higher the price you pay, you can be assured of the best design and quality as well. The fit factor is yet another vital aspect to be analyzed. Make sure that the case fits on comfortably to your smartphone and that you do not have to remove it to performing basic task like charging the device or to access various inbuilt features like the camera or volume control button or the headset jack.